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Rungus Vowel Phonemes


  Unrounded Rounded  
High: i u  
Low: a o  
The phoneme /i/ has two allophones: [i] when standing alone, at the beginning of a word or at the end of a word. The allophone [I] appears in the middle of a word.
  y, w    
Note: Vowel length is used to indicate a merging of two vowels with a glottal stop in between.
  /r¯i tan/ vowel /i/ is long; for ra’it when an /-an/ is added to change focus.


Link to Adobe Reader to view a PDF of the Coding Sheet for Transcriptions and Translations Used in the Sabah Oral Literature Project.Click here to download and/or print the Rungus Vowel Phonemes in a PDF format. If you cannot read this PDF file, you can download Adobe Reader, a free reading tool developed to view, print and manage PDFs.




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