Metaphorical and Poetic Phrases (Sambatan)

by: Savoli Mabok, Minobidang Solumban, Majintin Sovoli, and Hamzah Marajun


Sambatan Literal translation Meaning
1.   Nivantai ot tukad a ladder was keep in a storage Everybody is going to a feast/ceremony.
2.   Nakasa'ab do vahat Had bitten the storage platform at the abai (attic). Someone you are visiting had just finished their meals.
3.   Nokopuhus do zazamu Had dropped the zazamu Had miss an opportunity because acting too late.
4.   Noduok-duok Have done something like what happen in a story about a Duok Someone who try to cut or decrease something but somehow overdone it making the things became useless.
5.   Otuvong ot abai The attic is dark Having a lot of brassware/things/wealth .
6.   Yadno solot do tungau ot tagad Having a swidden a size of a tungau (mite, type of tiny organism) Having a small rice field
7.   Purutan Kutu (someone could possibly) picking a flea A very well cleaned swidden area.
8.   Tinunguban ot Mulau- Sulau Putting a head on the knee cap Someone who is in deep thought, looks depress or sad.
9.   Yadko nasahavan do koniw Like an eagle just fly over (him), also explain the way chicken felt to see an eagle. Someone who is look really scared.
10.   Yadko norulun do lazag Like someone who just have (his/her) sailing boat swept away by strong current A sad or frustrated face of someone when his love ones is gone.
11.   Yadko Monokis-nokis o tagarangon Like a tree called "Tagarangon" which it's harden resin burnt with sparkling sound and scattering away Sound of a leg beads when someone walk quickly.
12.   Yadko mitimpa-timpa o kolizan Like interchanging words from trees called"Kolizan" which have various kind of fruits. A nice sound of leg beads when someone is walking.
13.   Yadko niarab Kukukon Like a tree called "Kukukon" pouring down it's uncountable flying seeds. Too many people /things.
14.   Mad sompi rindingon do bukala Both like being inside a walling of a fine white bracelet. Both looks extremely nice and magical.
15.   Sompi kumunggu ot utok Both will have their brain shrinks. Both will live well for a long time.


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